Coal briquetting is very old technology, which was developed with the use of two roll roller presses.

Technology coal briquetting roller presses has been developed for the production of briquettes from coal fines, coal sieve and after washing.

Briquettes are intended for use as fuel in domestic and industrial boilers. For retail sale of briquettes are packed in polypropylene and paper bags.

Technical solution:
  1. Getting the product of the same size, volume, shape and weight;
  2. Solving the problem of dust formation and marriage during transport;
  3. The desired hardness and strength of the briquette.
Customer benefits:
  1. Higher energy value;
  2. Longer burning;
  3. Ash shown in the form of powder;
  4. Less CO2 emissions and sulfur;
  5. Briquettes arrive to the consumer in packaged form.

Our briquettes are unlike conventional coal can reduce:
  1. The amount of harmful emissions during combustion. Reducing the number of emissions is the result of choice of the organic binder, which does not contain harmful substances;
  2. Burning coal briquette takes place without the formation of an intense flame, but the heat transfer rate is not reduced;
  3. Drying of the final step of production of coal briquettes to reduce the percentage moisture coal briquette produced, which entails an increase in the energy value of the briquette;
  4. Coal as a raw material is the fuel source qualitative characteristics and parameters which can not be changed;
  5. Coal briquettes are made from mixtures of various coals by using an organic binder, and this makes it possible to create the necessary briquettes consumer qualities;
  6. Therefore we can influence the energy value of coal briquette.

Our company is engaged in the production of coal briquettes using modern technology – it is a guarantee consistent quality of our products!